Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Best Snapchats to Follow

I've been loving Snapchat lately. At first, I wasn't sure how I felt about having brands, bloggers and influencers enter the social media platform that was exclusively social. By "exclusively social", I mean that before, Snapchat was a platform where users only followed their friends and family, no celebrities, stores, bloggers or anyone they didn't know. When brands and bloggers first started creating content on Snapchat, I was hesitant to add them, but eventually did because I didn't want to miss out on the exclusive Snapchat content. 

Now, I love how brands and influencers have adapted to this new platform to share their content and also explore their personal brand on a whole new level. Snapchat is so personal, so any user who us utilizing the platform as part of their business and/or brand, must have a deep sense of their brand and their Snapchat content must reflect that. Here are a few of my favorite Snapchatters to follow: 

1. Elaine Welteroth (elainewelteroth) // Elaine is the Snapchat QUEEN, guys. I love seeing little peeks into her life. Between living in NYC, traveling a lot and being Editor of Teen Vogue, there is always something exciting going on. She's great about updating her story, so there's always something new to watch from Elaine. She has such a great personality that shines through effortlessly on her snaps. If you add anyone from this roundup, make it her! 

2. College Fashionista (cfashionista) // College Fashionista has really adapted to creating exclusive content on Snapchat and they're killing it. They have a segment called #CFLive where different Style Guru's take over their snapchat for a few hours. CF did a really great job of integrating the Style Guru's, something that is the foundation of their publication, into their Snapchat, while still sharing some exclusive CF content as well. 

3. Man Repeller (manrepeller) // It's no secret that I love Man Repeller. With the recent introduction of Instagram Stories, Man Repeller hasn't been as active on Snapchat (boo), but I'm still listing them in my favorites because when they do snap, its gold. Pure gold. Behind-the-scenes, Leandra just talking and basically anything else you can imagine. 

4. Hallie (coralsncognacs) // Hallie is so freakin' funny. Between teaching Soul Cycle classes and maintaining her blog, there's always something fun and exciting going on in her life. She recently started doing an exclusive Snapchat series all about the horrors of Tinder which has been hilarious. 

5. Julia (galmeetsglam) // Julia seems to always be traveling to a new and beautiful place, and she covers all her travels on Snapchat. Definitely add her on Snapchat for a serious case of wanderlust! Not to mention, I love the series she does with her husband, Thomas, called "Four Eyes on the Pink Couch" which is just a fun Q&A they do together. 

6. Grace (grace.atwood) // I love Grace's snaps. It really shows the life behind what being a full-time blogger looks like. It's a lot more than just shopping and outfit posts. Grace is always going to an event or doing something for her website, which I really respect and admire. Not to mention it looks pretty fun! 

7. Teen Vogue (teenvogue) // Teen Vogue snaps are so on-brand, it's crazy (good). There's certainly a lot of content to tap through, but it's quality for sure. There are so many exclusive snaps and takeovers with different models and celebrities. I also love seeing any and all things behind-the-scenes at Teen Vogue. 

8. Jessica (jessicasturdy) // Jessica is so hilarious. This side of her doesn't always come out on her blog posts, so it's been so fun "getting to know her" over Snapchat and seeing more of her personality shine through. She recently travelled to Italy and documented every minute of her trip on Snapchat, which I loved. I felt like I was there with her! 

Who are your favorite Snapchatters? Comment below! And don't forget to follow me on Snapchat --> nicolecoppins. XO, Nicole 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

College Fashionista: September Article

My September post for College Fashionista went up today! Please check out my post here and don't forget to "RAD" my post if you like it. I have been loving this outfit for fall because it is so easy and comfortable to throw on. I can pair it with sandals for now, but as it starts to get cooler, I can swap them out for my favorite black booties and add a leather jacket and scarf for some warm layers. I can't believe it's almost fall. I can't wait for the crisp air, crunchy leaves, pumpkin flavored everything and cozy, soft sweaters.

 What are you most excited about for fall? Comment below! XO, Nicole 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The New Teen Vogue

via Teen Vogue

I've been a Teen Vogue reader since I was in middle school and I truly feel like the magazine has grown up with me. First, covering the basic fashion and beauty stories that I poured over in middle school and freshman year of high school. Now, the magazine also covers current social and political issues in a way that millennials want to hear about them, which is exactly what the more mature, college freshman in me cares about, in addition to all of the fashion stories of course. Especially after attending Teen Vogue Fashion University in 2015 and meeting the now editor in chief, Elaine Welteroth, I am so excited to keep following Teen Vogue through this new phase of diverse and digital content (and of course still read my print copy, ha!).

For those who don't know, there has been a recent change in leadership at Teen Vogue. Formerly, Amy Astley was the Editor in Chief. Astley founded the magazine back in 2003 by developing a new magazine niche: a magazine for teenagers beyond celebrity gossip and personality quizzes. Teen Vogue was exactly what it sounded like: a teen fashion magazine featuring trends and fashion that young people cared about. It was truly genius at the time; there was nothing like it. Sure, there were teen gossip magazines like Bop and Tiger Beat where teens could read about which celebrities were dating and who was performing at the most recent award show, but there was nothing with intelligent content that discussed anything besides the latest Hollywood happenings. 

Since then, Teen Vogue has evolved into so much more. In addition to the fashion and beauty stories that we all know and love, the magazine also has sections titled "Fashion at Work", which profiles women in the fashion industry about their job, successes and life, "Social Studies", a place where familiar faces and credible experts discuss issues that matter to Generation Z, and editorials and interviews that cover hot button topics and issues like the upcoming presidential election, feminism and body image. 

Their most recent September issue was described as the "for girls by girls issue" in which primarily women modeled, wrote and photographed the issue. The magazine also worked with Amanda de Cadnet of the #GirlGaze project which pushes for the female point of view from behind the camera, not just in front of it. The September 2016 cover star is also significant. Tavi Gevinson, creator and Editor in Chief of website Rookie Mag, actress and feminist icon, further emphasizes Teen Vogue's commitment to feminism and covering people and issues that are significant and quite frankly, more than just a pretty face. 

Reading an exclusive interview between Amandla Stenberg and Gloria Steinem epitomizes the way in which Teen Vogue is killing it lately. They're following the number one rule my high school English teacher taught us: "show, don't tell". Teen Vogue isn't telling its readers what to think, how to vote or who to be, but covering important national issues in a way that doesn't turn off the typical teenage girl. Hearing someone they are familiar with (Amandla) talk with Gloria Steinem, feminist icon, is much more appealing than just reading an interview or editorial about Gloria Steinem. This story was also unique because in addition to this story being in print, there was exclusive content with this two women on Instagram. This is significant because those following Teen Vogue who are not subscribed to the print magazine still get a taste of their content and point of view. 

Hillary Clinton's essay in Teen Vogue's September issue was an important step in making the magazine more of a platform for discussion. While Teen Vogue isn't specifically telling their readers to "vote for Clinton", they're publishing content that encourages readers to be engaged and educated about this nation's political environment, get involved in issues of importance and exercise their right to vote for their candidate of choice on Election Day in November. 

Teen Vogue is no longer just a place to get inspiration for the season's latest styles. It is an intersection of culture, fashion, politics, social issues and feminism in a way these topics have never been covered before. It is a place to learn about feminism, current social and political issues and fashion, and in the process, readers will become more empowered, confident and educated. The content we read molds who we become. Teen Vogue is gearing up to inspire and teach a generation of empowered, confident, multi-hyphenated women. The way in which Teen Vogue is covering these topics tells their readers, primarily teenage girls, that they have a voice and that their opinion and point of view matters because they are just as important to society as anyone else. 

With this shift in content also comes a shift in the content presentation. Instead of just the print magazine, Teen Vogue is utilizing all social media platforms and new technologies to connect with their audience in every possible way. Teen Vogue is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat (teenvogue), Pinterest, Tumblr and more. Not only are they on these platforms, they are in control of these platforms. As soon as there is a new update or trend, they're on it. Facebook live? They're pros. Instagram stories? Started using them the day they released. Teen Vogue knows the purpose of each different platform and caters their content accordingly. They're not blasting the same image and copy on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. They're individually publishing content that truly belongs on each platform. So, their followers are actually engaging with their content instead of just scrolling through it. What was once just a monthly print magazine is now an online community. 

Business of Fashion recently published a spread on Teen Vogue and its new chain of command: Elaine Welteroth (editor), Phillip Picardi (digital editor) and Marie Suter (creative director). Their article captures the business perspective on the changes I have discussed. The magazine's previous business model in which Amy Astley was editor in chief clearly needed a refresh in order to capture their millennial audience. With Elaine as Beauty & Health editor, it was a start, as she was paving the way for Teen Vogue on social media through the use of her own personal social media handles, especially her Snapchat. 

Reading Teen Vogue and seeing Elaine, Phil and Marie at the chain of command is almost like getting advice and talking with an older brother or sister. They are at the upper cusp of millennials: old enough to be wiser and more mature than their readers but young enough to truly understand the latest tech trends and things their readers care about at the same time. 

Teen Vogue's commitment to their audience, diverse range of content topics and their mastery of social media is why I believe that this new era of Teen Vogue is going to be more powerful and impactful than ever before. 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Style Files: September 2016

Happy September! With so much Europe content to publish in August, I skipped out on a Style File post but they're back. As usual, the full collection of inspirations and pictures is linked here. I am SO excited for this fall's trends. The past few fall seasons have quite honestly been very "blah". The trends and looks weren't anything to get excited about. It kind of felt like the same old, same old. This season, however, there are new and fresh looks that I am LOVING.

Fall fashion and dressing is my favorite (even in the blah seasons), which doubles my excitement. I've been doing some fall shopping and I am looking forward to putting together some great outfits to share. For now, here's my September fashion and overall mood board of the latest looks, trends and styles I'm loving.

As the pictures above show, as does the larger collection of pictures in my September Style Files Pinterest board, a few things I'm loving this month are denim, chokers and fresh-faced makeup. I've never been a huge denim girl, in fact, when I was just three years old I asked my mom if she could add pink sparkles and fringe to my jeans because I thought they were too boring. Recently, I've been seeing so many great denim looks, I'm inspired to try it myself. Jeans used to always be seen as just a basic item in an outfit, but now, the jeans are the statement piece. With patches and embroidery trending as well as a movement away from the simple skinny jean, there are so many more possibilities for denim.

Chokers have been super popular throughout the spring and summer seasons and they're not going away any time soon. Whether its knotting a skinny scarf around your neck or wearing a ribbon as a choker, there are so many ways to incorporate this trend into everyday fashion. I picked up a few checkers recently and can't wait to start styling them soon. Maybe even a whole post on chokers this fall?

In January, I was introduced to and started using Glossier beauty products. Since then, I have become completely obsessed with the brand. Everything from the top notch products to the impeccable branding and wonderful customer service, Glossier is a one-of-a-kind, overall amazing brand. Their look is very fresh, dewy and natural, which I love. Since using their face masks, moisturizer and cleanser, my skin has improved greatly and I don't feel like I have to wear as heavy foundation as I used to. I love more natural makeup looks, especially since my skin is looking better, and it's definitely something I will continue to love and "wear" this month.

Happy September! What trends and looks are you loving for this month? Comment below!  XO, Nicole 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Congratulations, Amanda!

While the Olympics may be over, my family is still celebrating because my host-sister won the gold! The United States Women's 8+ won the gold medal in their 2k race on August 13. For those who don't know, for the last three years, my family has been hosting a rower from the national team. Their official training center is about 15 minutes from my house, and a lot of the athletes look to host families for housing. A little over three years ago, my mom saw an ad on Facebook that these athletes were looking for host families and we looked into getting more information. Months passed with no news. Just a day after my mom deleted her initial email to the host family coordinator, she heard from the coordinator that Amanda was looking for a host family.

A few days later, we were in contact with Amanda and set up a time for her to come over and meet us. Just in our two hour conversation, we knew that Amanda was a going to be a perfect fit in our house. She lived in the spare room across the hall from mine, so I finally got to see what having an older sister was like. We would sit in our doorways and chat about our days in the evening and have Beyoncé dance parties on the weekends. Her training and my sister and I's school/work always came first, but we of course liked to have fun, too. One of my favorite things we did together is our annual Spooktacular Pumpkin Fest, a day in October where we would spend the whole day baking pumpkin treats, invite some friends and teammates over to eat them with us, then spend the evening at a local haunted hayride.

We were also lucky enough to meet and get to know her family over the years that she spent with us. By hosting Amanda, we really gained another family. Getting to know her parents, siblings and later her fiancé has been so wonderful. Before she moved out last weekend, we had a dinner for her with our families which was the best way to celebrate her amazing achievement at the Olympics and also begin to say goodbye :( Here are some pictures from her race and some of our fun times together!

Congratulations to Amanda, the Women's 8+ and Team USA! XO, Nicole 

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Color Story: Dusty Rose

In certain seasons, there is a specific silhouette, fabric or item that I obsess over. This past spring, it was a silhouette: off the shoulder tops and dresses. This fall however, I have a feeling that dusty rose is going to be the "it" color. I made a Pinterest board and then translated those images into true mood boards to showcase the ideas and concepts behind this color story.

I predict that this color is going to be particularly popular in nail polish, eyeshadow and lipstick, because they're all easy ways to "test" the color/ trend before buying a higher ticket item like a dress or bag. I also think this color is going to be popular for denim patches and embroidery, like roses sewn on the back of a denim jacket or something like that. I envision this color on a silky slip dress, as a matte lipstick, as a skinny velvet choker and so many more looks. Here are my mood boards for the color of the season, dusty rose.

How are you planning to sport the color of the season? Comment below! XO, Nicole 

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

I'm a College Fashionista Style Guru

I am beyond excited to announce that I am interning as a College Fashionista Style Guru this semester. Please click here to check out my first post, my Style Guru Bio. Don't forget to click the "RAD" button if you liked it! Check back once a month for my new CF posts. I will always post the links to them here on the blog, but you can access my College Fashionista profile at any time by clicking here.

XO, Nicole